Remember your mom/friends on the Atkins Diet? Good! You're old enough to come in.


The type of obsession that wakes you up at 2 AM wondering how this batch of beer can be the best, most aromatic, hop forward, and juicy batch yet.  Thank goodness Idylwilde Brewing is run out of Brennan Buckley's garage in Missouri Heights, so multiple trips a day are only steps away. 

Idylwilde Brewing has been in production since January 2016. It is a one man nano brewery producing 1 barrel (31 gallons) of beer a week. The focus of beers in the current line up are hop forward, lower bitterness IPA’s with soft mouthfeel. At this time with the small production there are no core, flagship beers in the line-up. Instead focusing on hop combinations and a revolving door of new flavors and aromas. All beer is packaged into kegs for draft accounts and sold out at the peak of freshness with no bottles or cans available at this time and sadly no on-site tap room.

The brewery is a side project for Brennan cultivating his passion and gaining traction to take the brewery and beer to a larger audience. Brennan is currently the Director of Operations @ the Avalanche Cheese Co in Basalt, overseeing the Creamery, the USDA Meat Processing operation and bakery/commissary kitchen that serves Meat and Cheese Restaurant and Farm Shop and Hooch. He has worked at Avalanche for the last six years in various capacities starting as a cheese makers assistant. 

Brennan learned from an early age the importance of good wholesome foods and the art of making them from scratch. By the time he became a young adult, he decided to turn his passion for food into a career by attending the Culinary Institute of America.

After graduating he worked at fine dining establishments in New York and Napa Valley before settling here in the Roaring Fork Valley with a job as Sous Chef at The Little Nell. After a number of years as a chef, Brennan’s eagerness to learn broadened his focus to include more than just classic cooking. Next he was off to bake artisan bread for Catherine Baking Company and that’s when his love of all things ferment-able surfaced. During his time in the Roaring Fork Valley Brennan has been a butcher, a baker, and a cheese maker...and now a complete and utter beer nerd.